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Oxygen is the body's cleanser and immune booster. With the pollutants, stress, food preservatives, and chemicals of all kinds present in today's world - every body is toxic.

Why We Need More Oxygen!

Sedentary lifestyles, poor or improper nutrition, stress in all forms, and air pollution are just a few of the factors contributing to a “low energy” condition in our cells. The less oxygen that exists in our cells the more vulnerable we become to disease. Our metabolism requires sufficient oxygen to burn food for maximum energy. When deficient levels of oxygen occurs in our cells, unoxidized waste products (toxins) accumulate, creating a breeding ground for harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi (mold). These disease organisms thrive in a low oxygen environment. By increasing the presence of oxygen around them they cannot survive. Supplying the cell with adequate oxygen allows it to fully oxidize (burn-up) waste products, helping maintain the integrity of your body’s perfectly synchronized systems. Making additional oxygen available for our bodies goes a long ways towards offsetting the many oxygen reducing factors in our lives and life styles, thus, creating the greatest opportunity to retain good health and immune function.

A Brief History…

Oxygen Therapy has been employed for over 100 years and is now commonly used in over 17 countries around the globe. Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that the fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases, including Cancer, is simply Hypoxia, which is a deficiency of oxygen at the cellular level. As Cancers, and other degenerative diseases, do not need or use oxygen in order to survive or live, they naturally become weaker than healthy cells that burn oxygen. These Cancer cells and their like, as a result, have very weak cell walls or shells. When oxygen is re-introduced into their environment the cells walls collapse and the cell dies. With enough usable oxygen present in tissue the Cancer cannot survive and the cancer cells die. Dr Warburg’s work in this field made him the only person to ever win two Nobel Prizes for Medicine. Since this time many oxygen therapies have been developed for healing that create an oxygen rich environment in our body. Oxygen Therapies are the most powerful cleansing modality ever devised. Today, more than ever, we realize the importance of this work and the true requirements our bodies have for oxygen.

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